The following is the fee schedule for 2018. Tuition fees are due at registration (or by semester during the after-school year). Payment plans are available upon request; call the office at 314.842.5968 to inquire.
Above-Level Mathematics (Admissions) Testing
Type Amount Notes
Test Fee $55 Includes testing report
Late Registration Fee $10 (additional) Test form and payment must be postmarked 14 calendar days prior to admissions test date for which you are registered
Alternate Test Date Fee $75 Includes the test fee and late registration fee--only applies to those testing who miss registration entirely, not to students testing on alternate dates because of religious reasons.

 Note: Students entering provisionally (after the deadline and completion of all testing) must pay the test and late regisration fees.

2018 Summer Session
Course Time Amount Notes

Introductory Elements Coursework for new students

Full Day $610  
  Half Day $355 Core courses only
  Independent Option $200 Tutoring extra, to be arranged with tutor
MathJam Full Day $610 Any combination of courses
  Half Day $355  
  Half Day $355 After Math only
1. Tuition is due at registration. Fee includes registration and all course materials. No refunds.
2. Early registration discount on full day registrations, $30.
3. After early registration, friends and family discount on all registrations, $15. Please note the friend/family who is registering.
After-School Coursework
Per Semester for 2017/18 School Year

Type Amount Notes
Tution (all 3 courses) $530 for all courses (per semester) Due in adavance on August 14 & December 16
Tuition (per course) $175 (per course) plus a $25 per semester nonrefundable registration fee.  If paid for the full year in advance, only one $25 registration fee will be assessed.
Late Fee (for registration) $15 For late registrations
Late Fee (per month) $10 If tuition is not paid within 30 days of the due date
Sibling Discount $60 (per semester) For second student


1. If a student withdraws prior to the start of the after-school semester, refund of all semester tuition will be made, less any discounts taken for payment of tuition upfront. After the start of the semester, no refunds for the semester will be made.
2. Tuition must be paid in advance unless a written agreement is executed and returned to the office specifying payment due dates. If tuition is not received on a timely basis, no future registrations will be accepted until payment is made in full. In addition, no grades will be provided to the student for completed coursework.
Tuition Assistance
Families who need assistance to cover tuition are encouraged to apply for financial assistance. No discounts apply to those who receive partial assistance for tuition. For more information about applying for financial assistance at Project MEGSSS, click HERE.