Elements Program

After spring break and beginning 3/31/2020, we are moving classes online using Google Meet and Moodle until it is safe and appropriate to meet in person. Please check your email for further details.

Elements coursework offers studies in advanced mathematics, based on the Elements of Mathematics series, to highly-talented middle school students. Courses include formal logic, along with a broadened and accelerated course of math that is very different than mathematics curriculum used in schools. Some schools even allow students to substitute participation in Project MEGSSS Elements program for their math requirement. The Intro to Elements program is a great summer enrichment choice for math-talented students, and a prerequisite to participation in after-school classes (described below). 

Many students who qualify for Elements have never experienced the challenge of grappling with difficult mathematics concepts and building the persistence to master such concepts. Student surveys indicate an improvement in students' intellectual abilities as a result of participation, including:

  • Development of self-discipline & study habits.
  • Better time management and organizational skills.
  • Transfer of logical problem-solving techniques to other academic areas.
  • A more positive approach to school.
  • Ability to participate in higher-level mathematics coursework during high school & college.

Students who are nominated, and qualify based on our admissions test, are eligible to attend Intro to Elements, Project MEGSSS' premier two-week summer camp, with options to attend in either June or July. In the fall, they will be eligible to attend after school classes on a weekly basis online.

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Intro to Elements Summer Sessions Registration Packet


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