For Educators

What Programs are Available?

Elements of Mathematics: We accept school and teacher referrals throughout the year for Elements, which is a closed program focused on students ages 10 (by August 1) -14 in the top 5% of their cohort in math and reading. A student does not need to be enrolled in the school’s gifted program.

You may nominate other students if you think they may benefit from the program, even if the standards described above have not been precisely met. Nominees should also display such traits as persistence, curiosity, perception, superior reasoning ability, originality, motivation, independence, social maturity, emotional stability, and enthusiasm for mathematics. A student who displays these characteristics, even if not earning good grades in math, may very well be an excellent candidate for this program.

Nominations typically occur each year before January 31, to allow parents time to investigate the program and register their students for the qualifying test in March/April. A rolling admissions process continues after January 31, with provisions made to qualify late nominees until summer registration is completed. While this is a selective program requiring a student to qualify, we currently have no limit on the number of students who may participate in our introductory summer Elements program.

MathJam: Our open summer camp, MathJam is designed for current students ages 10 (by August 1) -13 interested in math and scoring in the top 10% of their cohort. A nomination is not required. Families may be directed to our website to find more information and register for this high-challenge summer program.

Other Programs: Weekend programs for students ages 10-14 occur throughout the year, including both an AMC 8 and AMC 10 competition bootcamp and an open AMC 8 and AMC 10 competition.

Why Nominate?

  • To have a strong mathematics program available for an important group of students who need additional challenge.
  • To encourage strong mathematics students at the crucial middle school transition point.
  • To encourage students in mathematics-related studies and produce adults who will compete on a global playing field.
  • To respond to the serious shortages of students and employees projected in the years ahead in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Who Should I Recommend?
Current students ages 10-14 may be nominated by teachers or parents for Elements. Normally, our students are those who score at or above the 98th percentile in math and the 95th percentile in reading, but you may nominate other students if you think they may benefit from the program, even if the standards described above have not been precisely met. When in doubt, NOMINATE!

Financial Aid
Testing and substantial tuition assistance is available to eligible students; finances need not influence the nominating process. We also have an educator-directed aid program designed specifically for families of students eligible for federal lunch programs.

How Hard Is It To Do?
To nominate, simply fill out the online nomination form HERE You will receive a confirmation e-mail, and we will mail and/or e-mail information about the program directly to the parent(s).

Why Is There a Deadline?
We request nominations by the end of March, but accept them anytime. Information meetings are held in February, admissions testing takes place on a rolling basis through March and April. and summer enrollment opens in March Our goal is to give parents and students adequate time to learn about the program and for their student to decide to pursue the required testing. Students who are nominated late may still qualify, but parents may miss the opportunity to attend an informational meeting.

Thank you for your assistance in making this unique program
available to your talented math students.
If you have questions, please contact us!