Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Zukai Sagan ’20 | Metro Academic and Classical Academy | St. Louis, MO

Zukai Sagan is a graduate of Elements as well as a previous MathJam student. Now, as a student ambassador, he is looking forward to introducing other students to Project MEGSSS. In his free time, Zukai enjoys reading a good book and practicing his driving.

During MEGSSS, particularly the summer camps, I met a lot of people. I kept in touch with many of them, especially my fellow graduating third years. We went through many hardships in learning but we stuck there and helped each other prepare for tests. We had good times telling jokes, enjoying snacks, and most importantly-practicing math! With these experiences, I know now what to expect in professional friendships (friendships where you meet and help each other with some sort of work). In some clubs where I am the president, I have these types of relationships with other club leaders. We are friendly but my experiences help me stay on task and not goof off. All in all, MEGSSS has taught me practical as well as professional skills. It is a stage of my life that I will not forget as it changed my entire view of math and having fun while learning.

Blake Schaper ’20 | Fortitude School | Alton, IL

Project MEGSSS was a great opportunity to find like-minded people as friends and mentors. I met many like-minded peers who shared my interest in mathematics. There were many students who were further ahead in their knowledge base, and that fueled me to push myself academically. During the breaks, we also mingled and formed friendships that will last the rest of our lives. The teachers were also great mentors. Although their individual character varied from comical to serious, from more relaxed to strict, they all recognized my mathematical abilities and were determined to help me grow in my understanding and my knowledge. I always felt comfortable around these teachers and always enjoyed chatting with them and asking for advice during the breaks.

Aaradhya Diwan ’18 | Clayton High School | St. Louis, MO

Aradhya Diwan is currently a junior at Clayton High School. He first found a love for math in kindergarten when the class learned about even and odd numbers. A passion that continues to this day with his explorations of calculus and field theory in the real world. Aradhya was involved in MEGSSS from 6th to 8th grade, and it really advanced not only in his knowledge of advanced mathematical concepts, but also his perception of everyday objects.

Project MEGSSS has truly changed my view of the world. I gained a better understanding of many theories and patterns we see everyday, such as the fibonacci sequence, which can be seen in the whittles of a pinecone or petals of various flower types. It also improved my way of thinking, where I could end up from one seemingly insignificant statement to proving a fundamental law, all going step by step and without logical fallacy! Even in my first year in sixth grade, I could tell that I was learning things that my teachers are telling me about now! It gave me a huge head start in math, along with being able to go above and beyond in the concepts taught at school. MEGSSS has inspired me to accept other opportunities in STEM that I’d never thought I’d ever get to do! I would like to inform others about the benefits of MEGSSS and how much of an eye-opening experience it is!