Our Alumni

At Project MEGSSS, we are proud to share the middle school years with so many students, and hope to keep in touch as they grow up and move on to even bigger accomplishments. After more than 35 years, Project MEGSSS has hundreds of graduates and thousands of alumni who have attended our programs.

We invite all alumni who have ever taken courses at Project MEGSSS to complete our Alumni Survey HERE. We collect this data for feedback that will help us with fundraising and grant writing efforts. You are also invited to give brief testimonials that we will use without specific attribution in our marketing. We hope that you will help us in this very important way--and ask that you will consider supporting us in other ways as well.

Mathematical Excellence Award Now Available to Graduates
Middle school students who complete the three-year Elements of Mathematics curriculum have reached a significant milestone in their mathematical and academic lives. In August of 2015, the Board approved the institution of a Mathematical Excellence Award, available to all future graduates of the Elements of Mathematics program, beginning with the graduating class of 2012.

Students may apply for this award during their senior year of high school. It is automatic, provided the application is completed, and the award may be reported on college applications. The current approved stipend is $200. To apply for this award, click HERE.