Saigh Foundation Grant

For Immediate Release
ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 6, 2017 – Today, Project MEGSSS, an education nonprofit that delivers superior math curriculum to high-potential students in grades four through eight, announced it is a receipt of a generous $15,000 grant from The Saigh Foundation.

“We’ve been pleased to partner with The Saigh Foundation over the last few years to benefit children through our unique math programs for gifted students,” said Brad Ziegler, Project MEGSSS Board President. “The generosity of The Foundation allows us to offer tuition assistance to in-need students, grow our programming, and ultimately helps support our passion to ensure that all high-potential students—regardless of barriers—have access to our programs.”

Project MEGSSS serves nearly 200 local students each year during summer math enrichment programs, after-school gifted classes and various workshops across the St. Louis area. Students are challenged through engaging and specialized curriculum that aims to peak their interest in math and to propel success in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) careers.

The Saigh Foundation was established by the late Fred M. Saigh, who touched the lives of many people he barely knew by sensing their need for assistance and offering help at critical times in their lives. The Foundation continues the important work begun by Mr. Saigh, by assisting St. Louis–area organizations that benefit children and youth, primarily in the areas of education and health care.

“I worked with Fred Saigh for 44 years and he was very specific about the foundation mission,” said JoAnn Hejna, Executive Director and Co-Trustee of The Saigh Foundation. “He would be pleased and proud to support Project MEGSSS because this program benefits young students who will be part of shaping our future.”   ​

About Project MEGSSS:
Project MEGSSS, a 501(c)(3), with a 36-year history, is a haven for mathematically-talented middle school students in the St. Louis area. A highly qualified faculty, working with a superior curriculum, offers an academic challenge beyond traditional middle school offerings. Today, MEGSSS continues to expand opportunities. Currently, summer programs are available in both June and July in the St. Louis area, and after-school programs are available in both St. Louis and Rolla. Visit for more information. 

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