Summer Offerings

MathJam is a summer challenge experience for incoming students ages 10-14, designed to...

  • Nurture mathematics interest in younger students,
  • Introduce middle school students to advanced topics not covered in a school setting, and
  • Provide activity-based experiences that allow students to make connections between mathematics, science, art, and literature.

Nominations and admission testing are not required for MathJam. Students should be interested in math exploration and score at the 90th percentile or higher on standardized tests. For 2020, MathJam is a 2-week online summer camp, offered in both June and July. We also have an online bonus week of Puzzles and Programming, one of our  most popular MathJam courses!

We have an exicting summer of online enrichment planned for your children. Let's keep the summer slump at bay while we have fun with math!

Some summer courses have prerequisites that limit participation to students who are qualified for the Elements program. Rising 6th through 8th grade students also have the option to test for entry into the Elements program, or may consider a week of Logic Bootcamp.

For further details such as schedule and registration details view our MathJam20 Registration Packet

To enroll in Summer programs click HERE for the full registration page.