About Us

Our Mission: To discover, inspire, and develop the talents of middle school students with extraordinary gifts in mathematics.

Project MEGSSS has been a haven for mathematically-talented middle school students in the St. Louis area for over 40 years. A highly qualified faculty, working with a superior curriculum, offers an academic challenge beyond traditional middle school offerings. Today, MEGSSS continues to expand opportunities. Currently, summer programs are available in both June and July in the St. Louis area, and online after-school programs are available statewide.  

The Elements program is a closed program, open to students ages 11 (by August 1, 2020) - 13, who are nominated by their school or their parents, and qualify by testing. The required Intro to Elements program, set up as a two-week summer camp, serves as the introduction to up to three years of after-school programming. After-school programs are currently available online to those who complete the summer camp.

One of our open programs, MathJam, is a two-week summer camp offered to students ages 10 (by August 1, 2020) - 14 who are looking for challenging experiences in mathematics. Some of the more advanced classes have pre-requisites, to include the first year of Elements, but the majority of MathJam programs are open to any high-talent math student.

Adjunct programs are offered during the school year as interest develops. We currently offer a math competition preparation bootcamp for the AMC 8 in October/November. An open AMC 8 competition is held in November for students not taking the exam within their school. Registration is available now.

Project MEGSSS operates as a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation with oversight by a Board of Directors.