What do people have to say about Project MEGSSS?


At the end of our summer program, we ask the students to reflect on things they will remember, things they learned, and things they would change or keep.  Here are some common responses:

Things I learned….

  • that I was learning college math really early;
  • that logic is actually a class;
  • about propositional calculus  and how to make and apply truth values;
  • about operational systems; and,
  • that you can make friends with anybody.
Things I will remember….
  • building cool circuits with wires, resistors, capacitators, and chips with R. (child’s name);
  • stretching my understanding much more than what I knew before;
  • notes are your best friend in tests and always take notes;
  • the wonderful teachers I had;
  • hanging out with all of my friends; and,
  • everything, because this camp is awesome!!!
Things I would keep or change….
  • never change the freeness and fun of the classes;
  • keep lunch the same amount of time because I eat slowly and it is a good time to chat with friends;
  • having breaks was important;
  • that we could use electronics in our classes; and,
  • you should keep all of your teachers and force them to come back next summer!


  • Your summer camps have been very challenging, but very fun, and she’s learned a lot. A bonus is she has made some friendships from the program.
  • No where in his life has he had peers that were as excited and impassioned about math as he is, or teachers that could introduce him to ideas that challenge him in a deep way. He reads out loud to me the chapter names in each new Elements book he gets, so excited by the concepts and frameworks he has never encountered before. His homework is finished before I even think to mention it (and trust me, this is not the case for most of his schoolwork!).  I really believe that knowing Wednesday is coming helps him get through the mundane and gives him a vision for the rest of his academic life.
  • The highlight of the summer program was the care and interest that the teachers invested in the students. The care and investment in the students was obvious from the first day when I met the teachers until the very last day when the teachers shared with the parents. You have a gifted and motivated group of teachers!
  • My daughter (a High School Senior) got a B in Calc III at Meramec. Next up math wise will be Differential Equations in the fall. I may be compelled to pay for an Engineering Math class at Wash U next spring, a duty I will be happy to have.  My daughter was a good student at MEGSSS, but she was by no means at the top of her class. What she got from MEGSSS was a love of math, a confidence that she can learn any math, and a sense that math is valuable. She brought her own hard work and persistence.


  • I participated in Project MEGSSS from 1991-1994. I just finished my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering this past December, and after the graduation ceremony, my parents and I were reminiscing about some of the experiences I had in middle school and high school that led me to pursue my degree. The three of us agreed that it all started with MEGSSS and logic classes… Project MEGSSS obviously helped me develop an interest in math and science which was reinforced in high school, but more importantly than that, Project MEGSSS taught me how to form an argument and think critically about a problem. My ability to express ideas clearly has been one of my greatest strengths ever since then, and it most definitely helped me to write my dissertation.
  • So glad to hear the MEGSSS program is still going! I attended for several years in the 1980s when it was an up to six year program. It was a great experience and was my first opportunity to meet peers who were much smarter than me! I went on to attend Northwestern University (computer science) and Loyola University Chicago School of Law. All of that was not nearly as mentally stimulating and challenging as my time in MEGSSS!! My fond regards to the teachers!!
  • I am an alumnus from MEGSSS from many, many years ago. I am a Forsyth School graduate from 2000 and graduated from John Burroughs School in 2006. I attended a summer session of MEGSSS during the summer of 5th and 6th grade. I have been thinking about my experience at MEGSSS lately, and found your website. I just wanted to update you on what your alumni are doing several years after the program. I am a graduate from George Washington University with a BA in International Affairs, concentrations in Africa and Conflict and Security, with a minor in History. I am currently a staffer for a US Congresswoman in her office on the Hill in Washington, DC. As I remember, MEGSSS was an extremely well-run program that allowed me to enter John Burroughs excellently prepared for the rigorous mathematics course load I undertook. To this day, I don’t know how I ended up in the program. I don’t see my self in any way possessing “extraordinary gifts in mathematics,” but I feel very fortunate that I was able to benefit from the program. I hope all is going well, and if I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.