Project MEGSSS now offers two major programs, Elements and MathJam.

The Elements Program: 
Each year, schools and parents refer math-talented students ages 10-14 to the Elements program, which is offered by admission only. These students excel in math and their abilities fall outside the range of the usual classroom curricula, usually scoring in the top 5% of their peers in math and reading.  A student does not need to be identified in a gifted program in their home school.

Students who qualify are offered the opportunity to participate in our Elements program, a rigorous, comprehensive learning experience, which includes a pre-requisite summer program leading to a 3-year series of after-school courses. For more information, click HERE.

The MathJam Program:
MathJam, our challenging summer program, is an open program designed for current students age 10-13 seeking a mathematical challenge. For more information, click HERE.

Math Competitions and Prep:

Project MEGSSS provides connection to area Math Competitions such as the AMC 8 and AMC 10 for interested students as well as prep courses. For more information, click HERE

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