Elements Registration

Tuition is $825 per semester (please note we offer scholarships, if you are interested please complete the application below)

Classes start the end of August 2022 | Our 2022-2023 Elements program is still under development but will occur Wednesday evenings from 4-6:20pm in person.

Registration for our 2022-2023 are open! Register HERE

Scholarship Program

We offer two avenues to apply for a scholarship. Please note: All applicants must have registered for courses, or the application will be denied. 

1. Families who are eligible for federal lunch programs are eligible for our educator-directed scholarship that streamlines the application process. In 2021, students in districts where all receive federal lunch programs must also meet an income test and provide income verification. Please inquire at

2. For all others, financial aid applications are accepted online – apply here. Submission of the most recent federal tax return is required for this process.

Admissions Testing

The Admissions Process for the upcoming academic year has closed. Please check back here in January 2023 for information regarding our Admissions Test for the 2023-2024 1st Year Elements Cohort.

Please send any questions to

Summer Programs

MathJam is a summer challenge experience for incoming students ages 10-13, designed to:

  • Nurture mathematics interest in younger students,
  • Introduce middle school students to advanced topics not covered in a school setting, and
  • Provide activity-based experiences that allow students to make connections between mathematics, science, art, and literature.

Nominations and admission testing are not required for MathJam. Students should be interested in math exploration and score at the 90th percentile or higher on standardized tests.

We have an exciting summer of online enrichment planned for your children. Let’s keep the summer slump at bay while we have fun with math!

MathJam22 is offered in two-week sessions from June through August with both half and full day options including before and after care. Please check back here in January 2023 for information regarding 2023 summer programs.

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